Calling all Newfield HS Wolverines.......

In the true spirit of the "Wolverines" united we stand; together we can ALL make a difference. The WGB believes that giving back is a vital part of a full and rewarding life. We believe we have a responsibility to help our fellow alumni that are less fortunate and contribute to the common good.

The WGB is a non-profit entity established to provide financial support to alumni members who are in dire financial need due to medical expenses, illness, bereavement, economic hardships, devastating life situations and emergencies.

By becoming a member of the WGB (Wolverines Give Back) we can make an impact and reach out to those who feel the circumstances of life have extinguished their spirit. We can ease the burdens of our alumni friends in crisis by offering a gift of hope, empowering them to reignite their flame of life.

In these tough economic times, even the smallest acts of kindness go a long way towards helping our friends and neighbors.

We need your help to grow, as the "WGB" grows so will our capacity to reach out to our fellow alumni and their families within our community and help the many in need.

Please join us! Together we can make a difference....